BBCC Launches On-Line Tool for Career Research

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

An online tool that allows students and community members to explore potential careers and job openings near the area in which they live has been launched by Big Bend Community College.

The real-time information on Career Coach is customized to BBCC’s geographic region (100-mile radius) and includes detailed wage estimates and current job postings associated with careers. The service lists job markets locally, and as far away as Tri-Cities and Wenatchee.

Any visitors (not just students and counselors) to the college’s website can learn about the job prospects of careers they want to research. Career Coach can be accessed at BBCC’s website under the Student Life heading.

“Even if you have a good job, it is interesting to look it up to see salary ranges, the number of people in the area who work similar jobs, and the number of people due to retire from that occupation in the next few years,” said college spokesman Doug Sly. “Sometimes you will notice a little more education or training can lead to better pay.”

College officials think Career Coach also can be a great tool for economic development and human resource professionals.

If the career you are researching does not look like the right fit, users can search for similar jobs to see the skill gaps they need to fill to move to that career. They also can search for careers based on the college’s training programs—or the program or major they are interested in pursuing.

Career Coach includes a built-in resume builder to help students and job seekers put together an updated resume with key skills and job experience.

BBCC faculty and counselors recently received training on how to use Career Coach to advise students. The college pays an annual fee for the service.