EDC Luncheon: The Future of Environmental Permitting in Central Washington

Posted on Jun 24, 2014

Tom BriggsWater. It covers seventy percent of the earth’s surface and makes up roughly the same percentage of our bodies. Its importance for our survival is second only to the oxygen we breathe. In the USA we use approximately 346 billion gallons of it every day.  

“Water is essential to economic development,” said Jonathan Smith, Executive Director for the Grant County EDC. “The first civilizations were called ‘River Civilizations’ because water was needed to sustain life, grow crops develop tools and provide transportation. We still use rivers and bodies of water for these same things today.”  

Daniel BurgardEverything we eat, drink, touch, and use in our daily life’s from a cup of coffee to our cell phones to the streets we walk on was grown, processed or manufactured using water. With water playing such a vital role in our day-to-day lives managing this resource has become essential.  

Join the Grant County EDC June 26th for a special luncheon panel presentation to discuss the future of water permitting in Central Washington. Featured panelists will discuss existing and impending water regulations associated with site development permitting, with specific emphasis on Central Washington industries and the local economy.  

David McGiverinPanel members include: Tom Briggs, P.E., L.Hg. with Landau Associates, Daniel J. Burgard, CPSS with Cascade Earth Sciences, David McGiverin with Northwest Food Processors Association, and Diana Washington with Washington Department of Ecology. The panel will be moderated by Gary Chandler, Vice President of Government Affairs for Association of Washington Businesses.  
Diana Washington
Cost is $25.00 per attendee. The luncheon will be held in the Masto Conference Center in the ATEC Building at Big Bend