Grant County EDC Takes Business Recruitment to the Next Level

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

Pie Chart HooversEconomic developers seeking to recruit new business to their area face a host of challenges including how to identify and target potential businesses. Questions that must be answered include:

  • How many companies in our targeted industry are out there?
  • How many of those companies need the resources we have available in our community?
  • Where are those companies located and how do I reach them?

Using a new online database that accesses information on over 87 million companies’ worldwide, staff at the Grant County EDC is finally able to answer those questions.

“There are 1,697 carbon fiber manufacturing companies in North America,” said Emily Braunwart, Business Development Manager for the Grant County EDC. “Two-hundred and forty-seven of those companies are utilizing a foreign trade zone and the largest percentage of those companies are in California. If you want contact people and addresses, we have that too.”

The database that provides this wealth of information is “Hoovers,” a Dun & Bradstreet product that is updated daily to keep up with the ever changing business world.

“It’s a very versatile tool that opens up lots of possibilities for us,” said Jonathan Smith, Executive Director of the Grant County EDC. “Not only can we identify companies by industry we can also identify companies by the number of employees, by annual sales, and by growth rate.”

Before the years end, staff at the EDC plan to reach out to hundreds of companies in the carbon fiber, food processing, and aerospace industries.

“We have had some recent success stories with the expansion of SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, the Amway/Nutrilite and Pacific Coast Canola facilities coming on line, and with the Mitsubishi Regional Jet announcement,” said Braunwart. “We are going to reach out to companies in those industries to let them know why those projects located here and what resources we have available for them when they are looking at building new facilities.”

Reaching out directly to prospective businesses in this way is one of the key deliverables of the Grant County EDC’s five year strategic plan to add new jobs and investment in the County.

“It allows us to be proactive in sharing the message of Grant County to the companies we know we have a competitive advantage for,” Smith said. “Instead of taking on the expense of shot gunning our message out to thousands of companies, we can very thoughtfully target a smaller number of companies and deliver a much more compelling message to them.”