EDC Reaches out to Local Businesses

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Sabey & AmwayThe mission of the Grant County EDC is: To work for the continued orderly growth of the Grant County economy while improving quality of life. Part of that work is to reach out to Grant County businesses. To that end the EDC reaches out to 45 local businesses annually. The purpose is to learn about the business, the industry, competitors, workforce needs, and future growth or expansion plans.  

This year the EDC reached out to businesses in various industries including; manufacturing, agricultural services, food processing, aerospace, financial services, health care, retail, transportation and IT.  “Even though we have a great diversity of industries located here, there are common challenges that they all share,” explained Allan Peterson, Business Development Manager for the EDC. “When we start to notice common issues we try to dig a little deeper into those areas to see if there are possible solutions that we can help establish.”

Of all the companies the EDC met with over the past year, only one has closed its operations. Most of the companies visited indicated that they are expanding both domestically and out of the country. Many local business are also hiring for new positions. When making hiring decisions, companies are looking for people that have the right attitude and aptitude.  

“Most companies are willing to do training for job specific skills if the candidate has the right attitude and soft skills,” said Peterson. “Where they are looking for outside assistance in training is for leadership skills, especially programs that focus on helping employees in first level supervisor positions be successful.”  

Meeting with businesses helps shape the strategies and services provided by the EDC to ensure that the needs of local companies are met.