Northwest Aerospace Alliance holds Annual Conference

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

Boeing Everette, WALynwood, WA – The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) held the 14th Annual Aerospace Conference on January 10-12. The Port of Moses Lake and the Grant County Economic Development Council helped sponsor the “Washington Lounge” at the conference with Choose Washington.

Emily Braunwart, Business Recruitment Manager at the EDC and Richard Hanover, Director of Business Development for the Port of Moses Lake, both attend the show. “It was great to be able to sit down at a table with the companies who are making such a difference in this industry.” Said Hanover.

The conference featured a business expo with many aerospace suppliers and a whole slate of networking times and talks from speakers in the industry. Subjects ranged from the future of aerospace, to companies who have made a large impact on the industry, to new trends such as “rightshoring.”

Rightshoring is the term many aerospace companies are using for investments of supply chains in United States. Previously companies would choose the lost cost, low wage regions like Asia for these supply chains. With this change in methodology, the Pacific Northwest may see greater actives in aerospace manufacturing.

Braunwart also to toured the Everett Boeing facility where they manufacture the new Boeing 777x. “It was fascinating to see how similar but different the manufacturing of the alumni and carbon fiber planes are,” said Braunwart. “There is so much potential for new industry’s to support the aerospace industry to locate in Grant County.”