A Note from the GCEDC President

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Juanita Richards, EDC PresidentValued Partners and Investors of the Grant County EDC,

We would like to keep you up to date on the active search that the executive team is currently undertaking for the new executive director at the Grant County Economic Development Council.

To help us with the process, we have hired M&A Executive Search. Founding partner, Greg Albrecht, will be personally taking the lead. This company has shown a very effective and efficient track record in the Pacific Northwest as well as the nation for helping companies find a new executive. Mr. Albrecht estimates that the process will take about 60-90 days to hire our new executive director.

Currently, we are in the first phase of our search. The executive team is working closely with Mr. Albrecht to gather an understanding of the culture of GCEDC and our Grant County community. He will be talking to over 100 possible candidates.  To help with the search, he will be reaching out to many of you, our respected partners and investors. Mr. Albrecht has stressed to us that he is always available for questions in regards to the recruitment process. If you’d like to contact him, please email

Please feel free to also reach out to myself or any of the executive team members. We would be more than happy to discuss our progress with you as well.

Warm Regards,

Juanita Richards

President of the Board | Grant County EDC  |