EDC travels to Chicago, IL with Greater Spokane Inc.

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Chicago Cloud GateGrant County Economic Development Council with the Greater Spokane Incorporated traveled together to Chicago, Illinois to meet with site selection companies. The purpose of this trip was to introduce these companies to Eastern Washington and the attributes that bring other companies to our location. 

Eastern Washington has many strong qualities, Spokane is a hub for medical services and research, with a population of over 450,000 and six universities. These universities are able to train the medical professionals from nursing staff to doctors who stay in eastern Washington. They are also growing logistics companies as they are a gateway to Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Grant County equally has many enticing assets. Available land, inexpensive power rates as well as the accessibility and speed of the fiber network. “It was interesting to learn that there are still many states and sites that don’t have the fiber options that Grant County does,” said Emily Braunwart, Business Recruitment Manager for the Grant County EDC. “I was told numerous times about locations losing a project because the company would not be able to get fiber at their facility. I felt very grateful for the progress our state and county has had in technology.”

Robin Toth, VP of Business Development at Greater Spokane Inc. has now teamed up with Grant County EDC for three site selector visits to Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL. “It is a great synergy that Grant County has with Spokane,” said Braunwart. “We are similar in location and weather, but we have strengths in different areas. All this makes obtaining meetings with these companies much easier because we talk about a large region instead of a small silo.” 

Over the past few years since the two EDC’s have started the trips together, they have been able to trace projects and calls from interested companies back to these trips. “This is a great way to get in front of companies and really share our story. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we weren’t working together,” commented Braunwart. “Eastern Washington has a great story to tell, and I’m always excited to share that story with anyone who will listen.”