Yahoo Announces Expansion in Quincy

Posted on Dec 22, 2015

Yahoo!In October of this year, Yahoo announced they were expanding their data center in Quincy by adding about three hundred thousand square feet, or effectively doubling its size, according to a spokesperson for the company.

This expansion was driven by their expanding user base and focusing "on continuing to deliver the most innovative, fast, and reliable products and service to our users," the spokesperson explained. "By expanding our Quincy data center, we'll double down on our ability to deliver for our users."

According to the spokesperson for Yahoo, they chose to expand at Quincy as "a direct result of the unbeatable mix Quincy offers: impressive local talent, abundant renewable energy sources, and Washington State's commitment to creating an attractive business location."

The expansion at Quincy will increase employment at the facility which currently employs about 50 people. "We'll add on new positions over the coming year," the spokesperson said.

While the expansion will require more power, according to the spokesperson, Yahoo is "committed to using power responsibly." As part of that commitment, the spokesperson explained that, "We've designed the new buildings in Quincy with efficiency in mind, leveraging our patented chicken coop design. Yahoo's chicken coop data centers utilize outside air to reduce the need for cooling power."

According to information from the Grant County Economic Development Council, data centers such as Yahoo's provide many economic benefits to the county. In 2006 the top ten property tax payers paid a total of $4,246,801. In 2013, the most recent year information is available, Microsoft alone paid $5,425,205 in property taxes. Of the top ten property tax payers in Grant County in 2013, half were data centers with a total tax paid of $11,641,607.

In 2012 there were 409 people employed by data centers in Grant County according to the EDC data. Since then there have been expansions at Microsoft and now the new Yahoo expansion. Data center jobs are better than average, the data shows. Data centers pay high wages, much higher than the county median wage of $15 per hour. In 2012, over half of data center employees earn $30 per hour or more. And 99% make more than $15 per hour.

"Since 2007, Yahoo has been proud to call Quincy home," the Yahoo spokesperson said. "Over the last eight years, we've created jobs, and had a lasting, positive impact in the community by contributing to the growth of other small and medium-sized businesses, helping to keep families together by making sure talented daughters and sons have good paying jobs right here in Quincy."

Yahoo plans to have their new facility open by summer of 2016, the spokesperson added. "Our Quincy data center is one of our three owned and operated data centers in the United States, and a key component of our data center architecture, serving hundreds of millions of users across our country and around the world," the spokesperson concluded.