Pat Millard Enjoys Working at the Port of Warden

Posted on Jan 30, 2016

Pat Millard

"If we don't support it, we won't have it," says Pat Millard of the Grant County Economic Development Council. Millard, the manager at the Port of Warden, adds that the EDC is "very helpful. They kn

ow what I have here" and can send a business that might be a good fit for Warden.

Millard grew up on a farm north of Warden. She has worked different jobs in the town including Leprekon Foods and Peoples National Bank which became US Bank. She worked at the bank for thirty years. "I liked the challenge of the banking industry and I had a great customer base over the years," Millard says.

In January 2010, Bobie Whitaker, the previous Port of Warden Manager, was looking for a replacement and Millard took the job. In August 2015, the secretary resigned and Millard then became the Manager/Secretary. She was able to use technology to replace the secretary job.

Millard enjoys the job at the Port. "There are audits, and staying organized is important," she says. The Port has office rentals, sells property to new and existing industry, and the Port is the owner of the Warden Airport, Millard explained. The Port acquired the Airport when they purchased land from The Department of Natural Resources in September of 2013, Millard adds. "And the commissioners are great guys to work for," Millard says.

In December, she was working on a "close out audit" for Pacific Coast Canola. "That's been a challenge,"

 she says. Millard works in the Port of Warden offices which are upstairs from the Warde

n Police Station.

Millard started going to EDC me

etings at the encouragement of Mike Conley. She's been on the board of directors since 2012. "I enjoy hearing what's going on with all the Ports and all the differ

ent businesses." And she adds that the luncheons are "educational." M

nty.illard supports the EDC because "they are beneficial to all towns and Ports" in the cou

The biggest change Millard says she has seen in Grant County is the growth of Moses Lake. "Houses are built and people fill them up." What she enjoys about living in Grant County is "I can get places. It's not real traffic-jammed up. I can get to town from my house in five minutes."

In her free time, Millard and her husband like to camp and fish. For opening day of the fishing season they enjoy going to Williams Lake by Sprague. Memorial Day and Labor Day they will go to Packwood for the big flea market there. And they will enjoy camping around the Cle Elm in their pickup camper.

Millard also

 enjoys crocheting and reading novels.

"People ask me when I'm going to retire again," she says with a smile.