Center for Business & Industry Services Working for Our Community

Posted on Feb 25, 2016

Center for Business & Industry ServicesThe Center for Business and Industry Services (CBIS) is responsible for directing, planning, and operating industry and business training in BBCC’s service district. The Center works with other campus departments to provide customized services to a diverse clientele, including rapid startā€up training for new employers and programs, and securing training subsidies for employers. From basic skills to strategic planning, CBIS offers affordable training for a competitive world as it responds to the changing workforce needs of local communities. For more information, contact Beth S. Laszlo at 509.793.2425.

Job Skills Grant Partners for the past 2 years, year of JSP grant partnership, and examples of training provided:

Samaritan Healthcare (2015-16) – specific clinical and administrative skill improvement, leadership, LEAN, and Patient Safety and Quality.

  •  SVZ (2014-15) – Production, Supervisory and Training tool development
  •  SGL (2013-14) – Production Training, Train the Trainer, and Supervision
  •  TAKATA (2015-16) – Supervision, On the Job, Chemistry, and Train the Trainer
  •  REC (2014-16) – LEAN, MS Project, Leadership, Electrical Basics, HR On the Job, Train the Trainer
  •  Lineage Logistics (2015-16) – CDL Certification for all drivers
  •  Moses Lake Industries (2014-16) – Leadership, Chemistry, Project Training, Communications, HR Law and Ethics, Supervision, Industry Software Training