It’s a Pleasure to be Here in Grant County!

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Linda K. Martin, CEcDThis past couple of weeks has had everything from attending a ribbon cutting on my first day, to learning the internal systems and budget, to making remarks at the Washington State Transportation Commission, and working with a couple of new prospects.  Emily Braunwart and Allan Peterson have been great to work with during the transition, and I’m very appreciative of their knowledge and ideas.

In this first quarter, our focus will be on outreach to our investors, the Ports, and elected officials.  We are making appointments, but if you have an urgent need please contact us to get on the calendar to expedite your issues.

We recently worked on an ad which addresses “what we do” as the EDC, including business attraction/site selection, local business expansion, small business assistance, international trade promotion, and business advocacy.  Also, we are focusing on projects and activities which are currently in the pipeline, and developing a sales plan calendar from now into 2017.
I do recognize a need for a website upgrade, and anticipate putting forth a scope of work to update content, statistics, wage/labor/occupational tables, property database requirements (especially with ports data), and direct linkages to our investors and city/county departments.  If there are any volunteers that share an interest in this project, please contact me and we will form a working group of about 4-5 persons.   
In short – I am glad to be here and look forward to meeting and working with you to grow and enhance our community.  Thank you!

Linda K. Martin, CEcD
Executive Director