Department of Ecology’s Proposed Revisions to the Solid Waste Handling Standards (WAC 173-350)

Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Department of EcologyThis new rule revision proposes several aggressive and significant changes to how solid waste is handled with very significant liability, cost, penalties, and schedule implications for any activity that imports or exports soil or sediment as part of a construction project.

The proposed new rule text and supporting documents are available for review at the WA Department of Ecology’s website

Public Comment Period ends Tuesday, September 6, 2016; Please submit comments to

Landau Associates has provided the following information, has a brochure available, and has staff willing to discuss the implications:

Who’s Affected?

Anyone that is involved in the import or export of soil to a property, including:

  •  Agricultural producers
  •  Architectural/engineering consultants 
  •  Land use and environmental attorneys 
  •  Construction companies
  •  Developers
  •  Ports
  •  Public agencies
  •  Property owners
  •  Solid waste handling and recycling facilities
  •  Utilities

Why Should You Be Concerned?

The proposed rule applies to and expands a wide array of defined soils and sediments.  It offers new definitions, exemptions, due diligence requirements, testing and sampling guidelines, and restrictions; along with new onerous liability and penalty conditions.  Many of these formerly normal activities would potentially increase costs of development and impede economic activity, or impact the ability of governments or utilities to provide for utility and safety improvements. 

What Should You Do About It? Comment!

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