Mattawa & Port District #3

Mattawa is a Grant County farming town of about 4,437 people and is predominately Latino. Mattawa is about 15 miles south of Interstate 90 on the east side of the Columbia River road known as Highway 243. It overlooks the majestic Columbia River and almost uncountable acres of orchards and vineyards.

Bob Adler
Port of Mattawa
PO Box 2328

Leading Employers Address Employees Product or Service NAICS
Eckenberg Farms 24064 L Rd SW 65 Hay Cubes 311119
Evans Fruit Co. 20539 Road 23 SW   Fresh Fruit Wholesaler 424480
J&S Crushing 22132 Road T SW   Winery 312130
King Fuji Ranch 21961A Road E SW   Orchard 111339
Milbrandt Vineyards 23934 Road T.1   Winery 312130
Stemilt Growers 31996 Highway 243 S   Orchard 111339
Wahluke Produce 18400 Road 24 SW 55 Vegetable Wholesaler 424480
Wahluke Wine Company 23934 Road T.1   Winery 312130
Zirkle Fruit 25751 Highway 243 S   Fresh Fruit Wholesaler 424480

Community Information & Web Links
 City Levy Rate
 13.766396 over $1,000 assessed value
 City Meetings
 1st & 3rd Thursdays 5:30 pm
 Port Meetings
 2nd Monday at 7:00 pm
 Big Bend Community College
 City of Mattawa
 Grant County
 Grant County Tourism
 Grant County PUD
 Mattawa Area News
 Port of Mattawa
 Wahluke School District