Quincy Transportation

Highway Infrastructure
Interstate 90 passes 10 miles south of Quincy. State Road 28 and State Road 283 intersect the town.
Railway Infrastructure
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway main line runs through town with 5 active spurs on which agricultural products are hauled.
Public Transportation Network
Greyhound stops in Moses Lake 37 miles southeast. Amtrak stops in Ephrata 18 miles northeast of Quincy.
Airport Infrastructure
Local airport is the Quincy Municipal Airpt with a runway of 3,582 ft.
Waterway Infrastructure
Pasco, WA Container Barge Terminal 101 Miles South
Water Type Columbia River
Channel Depth 15'
Turning Basin 225'
Barging Facilities Yes
General Cargo Facilities Yes
Containerized Facilities Yes
Storage Facilities Yes
Highways Serving Port State Highway 395
Railways Serving Port Burlington Northern Santa Fa Main Line

Metro Area Distances
Portland 266 miles
Seattle 159 miles
Spokane 139 miles