Warden & Port District #8

Warden is located on the Columbia Plateau of Central Washington. It is a small community with a total land area of 2.2 square miles.  It is a quiet community where residents can enjoy a friendly atmosphere with close proximity to outdoor recreation and reasonable travel to urban areas. Warden's economy is agriculture related and continues to grow.

Pat Millard
Port of Warden
201 S Ash Ave
Warden, WA 98857

Leading Employers Address Employees Product or Service NAICS
El Oro-Agribeef 18857 Road 2.7 SE 60 Cattle Feed 311119
Lamb Weston/BSW 1203 Basin St 500
Processed Potatoes 31141
S&C Ranching 112 E Even Hall 150 Farm 111211
Skone & Connors: Russet King 112 E Even Hall 100 Fresh Pack Potatoes 424448
Washington Potato Company 1900 W 1st Ave 200 Potato Processing 31141

Community Information & Web Links
 City Levey Rat
 13.840065 per $1,000 of assessed value
 City Meetings
 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 7:00pm
 Port Meetings
 3rd Wednesday at 5:30pm
 Big Bend Community College
 City of Warden
 Port of Warden
 Warden School District