Rick Heiberg

"The Grant County EDC has made great strides in attracting and retaining business within the county."

After graduation from high school and attending Shoreline Community College for a year, Rick went on to work for the Boeing Company for 37 years.

Over the years, Rick had many great opportunities to travel around the coutnry and world providing customers and suppliers with educational opportunities including assgnments in Portland, Salk Lake City, Mesa, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Oak Ridge, Park City and Downer’s Grove and internationally in India, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Egypt, Coasta Rica and England

After retirement in 2002, Rick went back to school where he completed his BA in Organizational Development, graduated in 2006, Magna Cum Laude with a 3.78 GPA. he continued on to complete his MBA.

Rick has now been the Mayor of the Town of Coulee City for 4 years and has learned greatly form this experience. Currently, in addition to serving on the EDC Board, Rick serves on the GTA board and is involved with AWC, RMSA, Grant County Small Cities, Grant County Tourism, The Coulee City Chamber of Commerce, The Coulee Corridor Consortium, and other organizations supporting economic development and tourism.

Rick has been married for 41 years to First Lady Wendy, with 6 children and 7 grandchildren.

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