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Grant County Sees Rise in Blockchain Requests

The term Bitcoin has been thrown around a lot lately and it keeps on popping up in places we wouldn’t expect. Just recently an ESPN radio show talked about “10 ways to know A Person has no idea what Bitcoins are at a Christmas Party.”

This should not be so surprising given the fact that Grant County has seen a large increase in requests for information about locations for Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency and other related companies. In fact, these types are companies are becoming so common that other Economic Development Organizations in the Pacific Northwest have called the Grant County EDC office to ask what we know about the new technology and how they can handle the larger than normal request for information.

But what is Bitcoin really and how will it affect Grant County in the long run. Here at the EDC we first heard about bitcoins from Project Fridge in January 2013. Ever since that time, the requests have not slowed down. The office may not know what the future of this industry may bring, but Grant County EDC will continue to learn more about the industry as it continues to evolve.

For more information about blockchains follow this link.