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Initiative 1433: What You Need to Know

Voters passed Initiative 1433 on the 2016 statewide ballot. The initiative was mostly known for raising the statewide minimum wage to $13.30 by 2020, but it also included a paid Sick and Safe Leave requirement for all employers beginning January 1, 2018.

Do you know how Initiative 1433 will affect your business?

  •  Within 90 days after the initiative takes effect, employers must provide these benefits to current employees as well as provide benefits to new employees 90 days after their date of hire.
  •  Employees will accrue one hour of benefits for every 40 hours worked.
  •  There is no limit to the amount of leave employees can accrue within a given year. If an employee has unused hours of 40 or less, all must be carried over into the next year.
  •  Employees can use the sick leave for themselves or to care for their family members.
  •  Paid time off (PTO) provided to employees by an employer’s PTO program satisfies the requirements to provide paid sick leave if the PTO program meets or exceeds the provisions of the RCW.
  •  If an employee chooses to use all available PTO or purposes other than those authorized under the RCW and the need for additional PTO arises, the employer is not required to provide more PTO.

For more information about the Initiative 1433 see the Department of Labor and Industry’s website here.

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