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Grant County All Ports Meeting August 3rd

The Grant County All Ports meeting will be held on August 3, 2018 at the Port of Ephrata. The Grant County Economic Development Council has been hosting this annual meeting since 2015. The goal is to bring together all ten of the county’s port districts to be able to talk and learn about the needs of our local communities.

This year the agenda will include; an update about the Grant County PUD’s infrastructure and new rate schedules, how the Foreign Trade Zone #203 works and who can benefit, and a presentation from the Washington Department of Commerce.

“Grant County is in a unique situation where we have multiple port districts. So by bringing them together the EDC is better able to help foster discussions of county wide importance,” commented Brant Mayo, Grant County Economic Development Council’s executive director. “We look forward to having all the ports together and the discussions that will come of it.”