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Columbia Basin Job Corps Funding to Stay with the US Forest Services

Columbia Basin Job CorpsOn June 20, 2019 the US federal government announced that funding for the twenty-five Job Corps Campuses will stay with the United States Forest Services (USFS).

In May 2019, the Trump administration announced intention to transfer the Job Corps from the USFS to the Department of Labor (DOL) by the end of September, arguing that the Job Corps was not essential to the USFS core mission. This would have resulted in the closure of nine campuses across the nation. It is likely that the remaining campuses would have been under a private contract.

Washington Representative Dan Newhouse worked hard on a bipartisan coalition within Congress to reverse the May decision.

“Hearing the success stories from CCCs [U.S. Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers] in White Swan and Moses Lake have reaffirmed my belief that these programs – and these students – deserve our investment. “ Said Rep. Newhouse. “I look forward to witnessing their future successes as they continue to carry out the U.S. Forest Service motto, ‘Caring for the land and serving people,’ in Central Washington and across the country.”