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Grant County EDC Tools Showcase: Esri


The Grant County EDC’s website has quite a few powerful tools available to the public for use. This month we are taking a look at Esri, our GIS software.

GIS stands for Geographic Information System, and this is used to store data related to specific locations on the Earth’s surface.

Using this data, we can express what the demographics are for any given area in Grant County. We can see the average ages, average salaries, home costs and much, much more using Esri. And it’s free for you to use!

Esri is the global market leader in GIS according to their website, and they have a massive amount of data available for use. Esri’s main software development is ArcGIS, their mapping and analytics platform.

ArcGIS is one of the most powerful and flexible applications for applying location-based analytics to any business platform– large or small. You can use their tools to gain greater insights into communities to better understand their needs and to help determine where your business might fit the best.

The tool is powerful! And you can access it on our website: https://grantedc.giswebtechrecruit.com/

Try out Custom Reports, drop a Pin on the map, and then pull some Esri Demographic Reports for your perusal!