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CARES Act Grants are now live


As of early this month, the CARES Act grants available to Grant County are now live. Businesses and nonprofits from across Grant County can go to our website, www.grantedc.com/grants to access the application as well as information on the process.

To date, we have already received over 120 applications from small businesses as well as several nonprofits. A small business for this instance is listed as any business with 20 or less full-time employees.

Everyone has been very appreciative thus far with the process and our responsiveness. 52 applications have already been examined by Commerce with 46 of them getting approved for funding. The grant goes up to $10,000 and we hope to see a lot of businesses being helped by this.

The EDC asks that if you know of a nonprofit or small business who is hurting due to COVID-19, please urge them to apply for a grant on our website as there is still time and room for a number of businesses.


We are submitting the applications in phases so as not to overwhelm Commerce. This next round of applications go out this Friday, August 21st at 5pm.

To get information out to friends, family and communities, you can contact Nic Thurston at nic@grantedc.com for more information. We have also taken ad space out in local newspapers such as Columbia Basin Herald and the Star.