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Grant County Statistics

COLI2020 Comparison

The Grant County EDC’s website has been updated with new COLI information, as well as updated statistics for each information page.

Subpages such as ESRI information and municipality sheets are being updated as needed, and each individual page has seen an update as of this writing. This information has been made accurate to the best of our ability and with our partnering with ESRI to maintain the quality resources. We urge you to take a look on our website to see all our changes at www.grantedc.com!


With our COLI work, we also have updated information on how Grant County compares to areas around the country! The statistics are certainly good, with us having almost a 10% lower Cost of Living Index than other areas. These statistics coupled with our beautiful areas, cooperative community and cheap power all help to make Grant County look like a great place to start or expand a business. For instance, we can see that Grant County fares considerably better than other areas in terms of total Cost of Living prices, Groceries, Housing and Utilities.