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Wastewater Infrastructure in Mattawa

Port of Mattawa Aerial Photo with Logo

The Port of Mattawa is working to expand and improve the infrastructure of its Wastewater Treatment System to accommodate the increasing growth of the wine grape crushing/bulk wine-making industry in central Washington as well as support other food processing in the Mattawa area.

Funding for Phase 4 of the Port of Mattawa’s Infrastructure Improvement Project will go directly to the new wastewater infrastructure.

Over 30 different organizations sent letters of support for Mattawa to allow the funding request’s approval.

In addition to accommodating the wineries locally, these improvements will also better enable the Port of Mattawa to safely water crops with a focus on environmentally sustainable manner.

Lars Leland, Executive Director of the Port of Mattawa was quoted saying: "The Port of Mattawa has become a leading location for wine grape crushing and bulk wine-making in the Pacific Northwest, and the Port is working to continue to improve its wastewater treatment infrastructure to keep up with this very important value-added agriculture-industry."