Delivering Low Cost Reliable Hydropower

The Grant County PUD is a nonprofit, community-owned and governed utility that provides electricity, water and wholesale telecommunications. In 2020, the average industrial electric rate paid by all industrial customers in Grant County was 3.424 cents per kWh. The Average Service Availability Index is 99.99+ meaning that a consumer has power 99.99+ percent of the year.

Average Cost Per kWh for electric loads:
Assumes a 90% load factor and a 95% power factor for all loads

  • Large General Service: $0.03200 per kWh (includes demand charge)
  • Industrial: $0.02913 per kWh (includes demand charge)
  • Large Industrial: $0.03678 per kWh (includes demand charge)
  • Agricultural Processing: $0.02985 per kWh (includes demand charge)

Grant PUD Hydroelectric Dams
The Grant County Public Utility District (PUD) owns and operates two, large scale hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River. These two facilities produce an average of 1,050 megawatts of reliable, clean renewable energy each year.

  • Wanapum Dam:
    Generation Units: 10
    Rated Capacity: 1,203,600 kW


  • Priest Rapids Dam:
    Generation Units: 10
    Rated Capacity: 950,000 kW

Grant PUD 2016 power generation mix:

  • Hydro: 66.08%
  • Coal: 19.31%
  • Natural Gas: 10.91%
  • Nuclear: 1.45%
  • Biomass: 0.86%
  • Wind: 0.65%
  • Other: 0.45%
  • Petroleum: 0.29%

Rate schedules for usage of 200 kW or more include:

  • Large General Service Rate 7
  • Industrial Service Rate 14
  • Large Industrial Service Rate 15
  • Agricultural Food Processing Rate 16
  • New Large Load Rate 94

Shane Lunderville
Business Development Manager