County Government

Form (Structure) Commission
Number of Elected Officials 3
District 1 Commissioner Danny Stone 509.770.9855
District 2 Commissioner Rob Jones 509.770.9848
District 3 Commissioner Cindy Carter 509.885.5933
County Manager (Yes or No) No

City Government for Largest City in County (Moses Lake)

Form (Structure) City Manager/Council
Number of Elected Officials 7
Mayor Don Myers
City Manager Allison Williams

State Government

Form (Structure) Executive/Legislative
Number of Elected Officials 147

Grant County Senators

7th District: Shelly Short (R) 360.786.7612
12th District: Brad Hawkins (R) 360.786.7622
13th District: Judy Warnick (R) 509.766.6505

Grant County Representatives

7th District: Jacquelin Maycumber (R) 360.786.7908
7th District: Joel Kretz (R) 360.786.7988
12th District: Keith Goehner (R) 509.664.1274
12th District: Mike Steele (R) 509.888.4846
13th District: Tom Dent (R) 360.786.7932
13th District: Alex Ybarra (R) 509.707.0112

Washington Governor

Name Jay Inslee 360.902.4111
Years in Office Since 2013
Current Term Expiration 2024
Allowed to Run for Another Term Yes