Powering Manufacturing Success


Grant County is home to an international airport, a foreign trade zone, industrial power rates that average 2.88 cents per kilowatt hour, a high speed fiber optic network, low tax rates, a highly trained workforce, and an abundance inexpensive land. Our location along Interstate 90 and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mainline make it easy to ship freight in and out of the area.

These characteristics have made Grant County a formidable location for industrial expansion that has attracted major companies like SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, Genie Industries, REC Silicon, General Dynamics, and Guardian Industries.

Manufacturing Assets

Port of Moses Lake's Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ #203) allows companies within Grant County to store goods duty-free, delay tax and customs payments, and lower inventory costs. A United States Customs and Border Protection office is located on site at the Grant County International Airport.
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Interstate 90 links Grant County to Seattle on the West and to Chicago and Boston on the east. U.S. Highway 2 is the other major east/west transportation route and State Highway 17 is the main north/south transportation route.


Both Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and the Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRC) provide rail to Grant County.


Grant County is serviced by 5 common carriers. 4 of the carriers have local terminals and 1 carrier offers inter-modal services.

Local Manufacturing Companies

Chemical manufacturers

  • Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals – Sodium Chlorate
  • Chemi-Con Materials – Electrolytic Aluminum Foil
  • General Dynamics – Chemicals/Propellant
  • Inflation Systems (Takata) – Automotive Airbag Propellant and Components
  • Moses Lake Industries (Tama Chemicals) – Chemicals for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication
  • REC Silicon – Polysilicon and Silane Gas


Steel and Iron

  • D & L Foundry – Ironwork
  • Ephrata Machinery – Fabrication
  • Far West Steel – Steel Fabrication
  • LaserFab – Metal Fabrication
  • Moses Lake Steel – Steel Products
  • Specialty Welding – Fabrication

Other Manufacturing

  • Automated Ag – Agricultural Equipment
  • Columbia Basin Machine – Industrial Machine Services
  • El Dorado Stone – Architectural Stone Veneer
  • Genie Industries – Aerial Work Platforms
  • Norco – Air Separation
  • SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers – Carbon Fiber

Workforce Training


Big Bend Community College offers specialized training to fit the specific needs of local manufacturing companies. Multiple degrees, licenses, and certifications that are critical for the industry's success are available through Big Bend.

Manufacturing Incentives

  • Manufacturers receive an exemption of the 7.9% sales and use tax when purchasing qualifying machinery and equipment used directly in the manufacturing operation or research and development performed by the manufacturer, or testing operations performed for the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing companies receive a $2,000 credit against the State Business & Occupation Tax for new qualified employment positions with annual wages and benefits of $40,000 or less; or a $4,000 credit for each new employment position with wages and benefits of more than $40,000. The State Business and Occupation Tax rate for manufacturers is $4,840 per $1 million.

Low Cost Electricity

The average cost for large industrial loads in Grant County is 3.678 cents per kWh. Grant County Public Utility District owns and operates two, large scale hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River. These two facilities produce an average of 1,018 megawatts of reliable, clean renewable energy each year.
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Sites for Development
Grant County has thousands of acres of industrial zoned land ready for development.