Community Information Moses Lake

City of Moses Lake is located in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington. It is home to an international airport, a foreign trade zone, industrial power rates that average 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour, inexpensive land, a high speed fiber optic network, low tax rates and a highly trained manufacturing workforce. Its location along Interstate 90 and the Columbia Basin Short Line Rail make it easy to ship freight in and out of the area.

Big Bend Community College, located in Moses Lake, offers specialized training to fit the specific needs of local businesses. Access to upper-level educational institutions including Washington State University and Central Washington University is also available without leaving the campus.

Moses Lake's economy in the past has been mainly supported by agricultural business. However in recent years Moses Lake and its surrounding area has experienced a considerable amount of growth in manufacturing and technology. Due to the availability of affordable power and inexpensive land many companies have moved to the area.

Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Doran-Martinez
606 W Broadway Ave, Suite C
Moses Lake, WA 98823

Port of Moses Lake

Don Kersey
Executive Director
7810 Andrews St NE
Moses Lake, WA 98823

City Council Members

Mayor Don Meyers
Deputy Mayor Deanna Martinez
David Eck
David Skaug
Dustin Swartz
Mark Fancher
Judy Madewell

Community Information & Web Links

City Levy Rate per $1,000 of assessed values
City of Moses Lake Council Meetings 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.
Port of Moses Lake Commissioner Meetings 2nd & 4th Monday, 10:00 a.m.

Highway Infrastructure

  • Interstate 90 passes along the south city limits
  • State Road 17 passes through Moses Lake

Railway Infrastructure

  • Columbia Basin Railroad Short Line Serves the Moses Lake area with the nearest switching yard being located in Pasco, 71 miles south.

Public Transportation Network

  • Greyhound stops in Moses Lake
  • Amtrak stops in Ephrata 14 miles north of Moses Lake

Airport Infrastructure:

  • Local Airport: Moses Lake Municipal Airport serves private and crop duster planes with a runway of 1,800 ft.
  • Regional Airport: Grant County International Airport with Foreign Trade Zone. Also serves as a test site for Boeing. The airport has 2 runways of 13,500ft and 10,000 ft. FedEx serves as the air cargo.

Waterway Infrastructure

  • Pasco, WA Container Barge Terminal: 71 Miles south
  • Water Type: Columbia River
  • Channel Depth: 15'
  • Turning Basin: 225'
  • Barging Facilities: Yes
  • General Cargo Facilities: Yes
  • Containerized Facilities: Yes
  • Storage Facilities: Yes
  • Highways Serving Port: State Highway 395
  • Railways Serving Port: Burlington Northern Santa Fa Main Line

Metro Area Distances


Leading Employers



Product or Service


Basic American Foods 538 Potato Frontage Rd SE 115 Dehydrated Potato Processing 31142
Chemi-Con Materials Corp. 9053 Graham Rd NE 55 Electrolitic Aluminium Foil 33131
D&L Foundry, Inc. 12970 Road 3 184 Manhole Covers 33151
Akzo Nobel Pulp & Paper Chemicals 2701 Road N NE 40 Sodium Chloride 32518
Genie Industries, Inc. 8987 Graham St NE 1400 Industrial Lifts 33392
International Paper 13594 Wheeler Rd NE 100 Corrugated Box Manufacturing 32221
J.R. Simplot Co. 14124 Wheeler Rd NE 375 Dehyrated Potato Products 31141
Moses Lake Industries Inc. 8248 Randolph Rd NE 240 Industrial Chemicals 32518
National Frozen Foods Corp. 14406 Road 3 NE 275 Vegetable Processing 31141
REC Silicon 3322 Road N NE 450 Polysilicon Manufacturing 33141
SGL Automotive Carbon Fiber 8781 Randolph Rd NE 80 Carbon Fiber Manufacturing 33590
Takata 9138 Randolph Rd NE 353 Automotive Airbags 33639
Western Polymer Corp. 32 Rd R SE 49 Potato Starch 31121