Royal City Utilities Royal City


  • Water Main: 12" Water main that goes across the front of each lot to provide potable water and fire flow protection
  • Fire Pump: 100 ph fire pump capable of providing 2,300 gpm
  • Water Pumps: Handle tenant's flow for 11 months of the year
    • 1: 200 hp well pump
    • 2: 10 hp booster pumps
    • 3: 75 hp variable speed pump that handles the flow during processing season.
  • Reservoir: 95,500 gallon with a 300 KW CAT generator for electrical power back up
  • Hookup Fee: $2,500 one time fee for each water meter* 
    *The buyer is responsible to provide a Port approved backflow assembly and water meter.
  • Monthly Rate: $105.00 per meter with 500 cubic feet (3,750 gallons of water)
  • Add. Water Rate: $0.53 per 100 cubic feet ($0.53 per 748 gallons) for any additional water over 500 cubic feet. 
    *Rates are subject to change as needed.


Sewer waste is currently taken care of by the business installing a septic tank. The Port has plans to put in a waste treatment plant for the industrial users when it is feasible.


The local telephone carrier is CenturyLink. Visit for more information.