Past Presidents

Gregg Fletcher

Past President
"The EDC's efforts to attract new business and industry to Grant County, directly supports Confluence Heath's efforts at providing quality Health Care to the region. Offering quality businesses and expanded job opportunities makes recruiting and retaining healthcare providers of all levels much easier. The work of the Grant County EDC is integral to all of the existing businesses and communities that make up the Columbia Basin."

Gregg Fletcher was born and raised in Wenatchee, WA. Gregg graduated from Central Washington University with a BS in Microbiology and a specialty degree in Medical Technology. He moved to Grant County in 1998 after working 6+ years at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. Gregg spent the next 17+ years as the Laboratory Manager at Confluence Health-Moses Lake Clinic (CH-MLC). In July 2015 Gregg became the Interim Vice President for CH-MLC.

Gregg is married to Amanda and has two children, Garrett and Sam, one step child Jordyn and one grandson. Gregg represents Confluence Health in the Grant County Community Partnership for health, and was a past president of the Grant County United Way.

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